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West Coast Ghost Hunt with Unique Inns

West Coast Ghost Hunt with Unique Inns

Friday, May 28, 2010

Have you ever wanted to go on a real ghost hunt? Here is your chance! I recently discovered that there are many unique ghost hunting opportunities waiting to be explored at Unique Inns! Ghost hunting is a great experience for anyone interested in learning the haunted folklore and mysteries behind them.

Consider the following Unique Inns with the added adventure of a ghost hunt:

The Groveland Hotel, Yosemite National Park, CA

The Groveland Hotel offers an exciting ghost hunter package. You have the opportunity to join expert paranormal investigators as they examine Lyle’s Room. The Groveland Hotel encourages its guests to bring their own tape recording devices, as voices can often be heard during later analysis.

Abigail’s Hotel, Victoria, BC

Abigail’s Hotel provides the perfect place to stay. Located just steps away from sensational downtown Victoria, home of famous ghost tours developed and narrated by a well known local historian and ghost expert. 


The Shelburne Inn, Seaview, WA

The Shelburne Inn was constructed in 1896 and is Washington’s oldest continuously operating inn. The Shelburne Inn possesses several rooms that are said to be haunted (room numbers 4, 5 and 6). See for yourself why room number 4 has a reputation of its occupants losing a lot of keys mysteriously. While you are in the area, drive a mile south to visit the local library in the town of Ilwaco. Many people believe there are friendly ghosts who inhabit the building.


Jacksonville Inn, Jacksonville, OR

Built in 1861, the Jacksonville Inn provides classic, luxurious accommodation for any who wish to explore Jacksonville’s historic, legendary mysteries. It is believed by local residents that some of the dead and buried will not stay resting in their graves. There are countless tales of ghost sightings in many nearby cities and towns just waiting to be investigated.

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