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Take a Trip Down the Lochsa River!

Take a Trip Down the Lochsa River!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Take a trip down a wild whitewater river with the River Dance Lodge. The Lochsa River’s magnificent rapids offer tremendous raft pounding and paddle bashing fun. The River Dance Lodge is dedicated to providing a safe, quality, professional rafting experience.  

While some Rivers are slow and simple, others are fast and complex. The Lochsa River offers the best of both. The excitement of the Lochsa combined with magnificent Idaho scenery, makes for an unforgettable whitewater rafting trip. The River Dance Lodge provides the most experienced guides on the Lochsa as well as the newest rafts and equipment on the river.

For the most unique loding in Kooskia stay at:

River Dance Lodge, Kooskia, ID

So, who says you need to rough it for a bit of outdoor adventure? River Dance Lodge offers amazing all-inclusive whitewater rafting trips that are truly world class. Accommodations include spacious, luxurious, clean and comfortable cabins. The delectable food and exceptional service and experience provided leave nothing to be desired. The whole staff is delightfully welcoming and their fantastic guides make for a safe and secure trip even in the most challenging rapids.

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