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Go Back in Time to Seaview

Go Back in Time to Seaview

Monday, April 11, 2011

Escape crowds in historic Seaview, a place known for its tranquil setting and delightful atmosphere. What was once a buzzing summertime community for Portland's upper class as well as a depot for the Clamshell Rail Road is now a quiet small town rich with history and full of charm. 

In the early 1870's Jonathan Stout received a land grant that eventually grew to become the town of Seaview. It was there the Stout family eventually built Unique Inns member, the Shelburne Inn.

Today, Seaview's picturesque tree lined streets are full of interesting turn of the century Victorian Homes. Quaint merchants a long with a wooden boardwalk provide an avenue for visitors to enjoy a bit of times past with their meandering.

Experience historic Seaview with a stay at an award winning classic:

The Shelburne Inn, Seaview, WA

The Shelburne Inn was originally founded in 1896 as a retreat for guests from Portland and has operated continuously since its establishment. The Inn is located a short distance away from the longest beach in North America and is the oldest hotel in the state of Washington that has fully operated since its inception. Seaview is an exceptional destination within Washington State, and both Seaview as well as the Shelburne Inn continue to remain favorites for travelers.

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