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Re-energize at Muir Beach

Re-energize at Muir Beach

Monday, September 19, 2011

Visit one of the cleanest and calmest beaches in the state of California, Muir Beach. Because of its location, just 20 minutes North of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, 5 minutes from Muir Woods National Monument and situated in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the beach hosts visitors from around the world who marvel at the refuges peaceful existence so near to such a great metropolis.

Muir Beach is home to The Zen Center at Green Gulch. The Zen Center offers a training program and also manages its own organic farm and gardens. Every autumn, thousands of monarch butterflies embark on a literally once in a lifetime journey to the coast; and, during the winter months, monarchs can sometimes be seen decorating pine trees in the small grove at the beach. Also, throughout the winter, migrating whales can be seen from the breathtaking Muir Beach Overlook. Horses and dogs are usually allowed on the beach, the shores are great for kayaking, the fishing is plentiful and the stargazing is incredible. For anyone looking for peaceful seclusion in a natural environment, Muir Beach is the place.

For premier accomodation in Muir Beach:

Pelican Inn, Muir Beach, CA

Nestled in Muir Beach overlooking the ocean, you’ll find the cozy and hospitable Pelican Inn. Known for its classic English style, this wonderful Inn provides an ideal getaway for those looking to recharge their batteries and completely relax in the serenity of what feels like a world apart.

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