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Enjoy Lake County Wineries

Enjoy Lake County Wineries

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just 20 miles north of Napa Valley, or a short two hour drive from the San Francisco Bay area is one of California’s newest Wine Country Destinations, the Lake County Wine Region.  With a deep history in wine making, Lake County Wineries are ideal for those looking to experience fine wine in a relaxed and breathtaking environment.

The Lake County Region has a very special location nestled in the heart of the Mayacamas and Vaca mountain ranges at the base of Mount Konocti, a dormant multiple volcano that is responsible for creating the varied elevations suitable for growing a wide selection of grapes. The Region also surrounds Clear Lake, which is California’s largest natural freshwater lake.

Because of Lake County Wineries eco-friendly practices, high elevation, and fortunate climate, quality grape production is extremely high. There are also many strong efforts to improve environmental awareness and sustainability among the Lake County Wineries. These Wineries use fewer pesticides and more low-risk crop protectants that any other winegrowing region in the country.

Many agree that Lake County reminds them of the Napa Valley in the late 70’s when the region was still relatively “new”. Lake County is one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country and because of its special location, mindfull inhabitants and excellent wines, will continue to flourish for many years to come.

10 minutes from the Lake County seat of Lakeport, in the historic town of Clearwater is:

The Tallman Hotel, Upperlake, CA

The Tallman is a luxurious country hotel offering generous amenities and friendly service provided by genuinely knowledgably staff who truly care to succeed with meeting each guest’s every need. Whether you love the outdoors, wineries, shopping or even the casino, there is truly something for everyone. Also, be sure to inquire about the Tallman Hotel’s famous winemaker dinners where guests are given the opportunity to meet some of Lake County’s finest owners and winemakers.

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