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Stop in Elk

Stop in Elk

Monday, January 23, 2012

Located on the edge of a cliff above the magnificent Pacific Ocean, Elk is known to many as one of the best spots on the coast to stop in at a cozy Inn; and, when you get there it’s not hard to see why. Take in Pacific Ocean views like never before from anywhere in the town and perhaps see a real live Elk.

As you may have guessed, the town was named after the animals that inhabit the area. Herds are often visible in some of the Towns more open regions. In this community of about 200, though the town is small, the Inn fills up fast and their reputation is well known and well deserved. And, because of the towns special location many of the local chefs are some of the best in the state.  There is also a museum at Greenwood State Beach that illustrates the towns fascinating lumber history.

For the most Unique accommodation in Elk:

Harbor House Inn, Elk, CA

A destination itself, the Harbor House Inn offers the very finest in luxury lodging as well as distinctive coastal dining; daily breakfast as well as a 4 course dinner are included with your stay. If architecture can define the Inn’s heritage, it represents the grandeur of the Redwood Empire in its finest era. Today, the Inn’s staff location, antiques and furnishings all combine making for a wonderfully distinctive place to stay. 

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