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Get Married at a Small Boutique B&B Hotel in Victoria

Get Married at a Small Boutique B&B Hotel in Victoria

Monday, March 19, 2012

Imagine the romance of running away with the person you love and eloping at a gorgeous boutique B&B hotel. While planning an extravagant wedding is a dream of many brides, there are some who prefer to get married without a lot of fuss. So, explore alternatives to the traditional wedding and above all enjoy the true intimacy of your special day.

Wedding planning can be time consuming and possibly cause arguments; so, avoid wasted time and potential disagreements by having a bit of spontaneous fun and  picking a vacation together and eloping instead. If a couple wants to elope, but isn’t quite sure about it, a small ceremony including only a handful of people, followed by a romantic honeymoon may be a good solution. Another option is to elope, and throw a big celebratory bash when you return home.  Ultimately, your entire marriage should be about what is right for the two of you, and your wedding is a great time to start planning what you want the rest of your new life to be like.

Take advantage of a specially prepared and all inclusive wedding package at:

Abigail's Hotel, Victoria, BC

Relax and truly enjoy yourself while Abigail’s Hotel takes care of all the details. Often considered a special occasion hotel, the majority of Abigail’s offerings revolve around romance, which makes it the perfect place for an elopement. Their special wedding package has it all and can quickly and easily be arranged in just a few days.

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