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Eco Friendly

Unique Inns are committed to encouraging, promoting and supporting ecological consciousness in the hospitality industry. Help make a difference and feel good about choosing to stay somewhere that provides sustainable services and accommodation.

Earth Friendly Evolution

Dundee, Oregon

The Black Walnut Inn takes the health of the planet seriously.  Environmental impacts play a large part in the business decisions the Innkeepers make each day and they strive to evolve as new opportunities arise.  For now the Inn takes earth friendly measures such as inviting guests to Google up their favorite newspaper rather than to have a print copy available, using bath amenities produced on the west coast of the USA and in containers that are bio-degradable in the landfill, buying energy star appliances, recycling, researching and purchasing local products for the preparation of our food, providing aluminum water bottles for guest’s use during their stay and discontinuing the use of plastic water bottles, installing single room heating and air conditioning units, keeping chickens, having a vegetable garden, using fluorescent light bulbs and training staff to turn off lights and turn down heating and air conditioning when rooms are empty.

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Green Built

Sisters, Oregon

FivePine Lodge ensures that every step is taken to eliminate wasteful practices. These steps include the implementation of recycling center, use of third-generation paper products, ecofriendly amenities and tankless water heating systems. Development of FivePine used a minimal impact approach- buildings were established around existing trees, developers used native landscaping and wildflower fields were planted to regrow naturally and more vibrantly each spring. Also, lighting is provided by energy efficient bulbs and rooms contain energy efficient heating and cooling. They also have 3 electric charging stations available for complimentary use by guests which include two Tesla charging stations and one Bosch electric vehicle charger.

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Green Ethics

Kooskia, Idaho

River Dance Lodge's concern and love for the environment has guided every decision made  from construction of cabins to daily operations. Cabins were built to be comfortable, but not large, so heating requirements are minimal.  There are no tv's and phones in the cabins, which means less electricity usage and also encourages people to connect with each other, spend time outdoors and simply relax in nature. The lodge uses on-demand propane water heaters rather than hot water tanks, so that less energy is used. The lodge has it's own recycling, septic systems and well. Only compact flourescent light bulbs and all "green" cleaning products are used. The lodge encourages guests to re-use towels and offers a daily maid service, but unless requested, change the sheets only every 3 days.

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Electric Cars

Upper Lake, California

Recharge your batteries in more ways than one at the Tallman Hotel. In February, 2011, the hotel became the first site in Lake County to install an electric car charging station.  Located in the parking lot, the station can charge any 2010 or later all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles and prior year vehicles with an adapter.  The charge is free, so charge up while eating in the Blue Wing or staying overnight. The hotel was awarded the 2009 Green Guidelines Challenge and now uses green solar panels, quiet and efficient geo-exchange heating and cooling systems, a market garden, organic cleaning products as well as composting and recycling systems. 

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Sustainability, the Community & “Conscious” Tourism

Mendocino, California

The Stanford Inn by the Sea is an exceptional example of true eco-conscious tourism and was one of the first North American inns to adopt sustainable practices beginning the green revolution. The Inn believes that sustainability is a state of mind and looks at every aspect of their endeavor with an eye on reducing impacts on the environment and has pulled out all the stops necessary for providing the healthiest context possible for guests, staff and the surrounding community.

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Eco Friendly By Area

British Columbia



Kooskia, ID Eco Friendly - River Dance Lodge


Dundee, OR Eco Friendly - Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard
Sisters, OR Eco Friendly - FivePine Lodge


Mendocino, CA Eco Friendly - Stanford Inn by the Sea
Upper Lake, CA Eco Friendly - Tallman Hotel