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Unique Histories

Explore the intruiging history of unique boutique luxury inns. Designed in the late 1800's and early 1900's by renowned architects, these properties echo eras gone by with stylish decor, heirloom orchards and stunning courtyard gardens.

Historic Hotel in Upper Lake

Upper Lake, California

The original Tallman House Hotel was built on the current site in the 1870s by Lake County pioneer Rufus C. Tallman. After it burned to the ground in 1895, the hotel was reconstructed the following year, surviving another fire in 1924 that destroyed the entire business section of Upper Lake. Due to its simple western vernacular architectural style, its connection to Lake County pioneers and the central role it played in the development of Upper Lake and Lake County as a transportation, tourism and agribusiness center at the turn of the century, the Tallman Hotel was added to the California Register of Historical Resources as a Point of Historical Interest in 2007.

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A National Historic Landmark

Jacksonville, Oregon

Housed in one of gold-rush Jacksonville's early permanent structures, the Jacksonville Inn perpetuates the nostalgic romances of that era. Built in 1861, the walls of the dining area and lounge were built of locally quarried sandstone, and specks of gold are still visible in the mortar. The town is the first in America to be named a National Historic Landmark, and Jacksonville has preserved its 19th Century charm.

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Mysterious Structure

Ashland, Oregon

The Winchester received its moniker due to the "mystery" surrounding much of its structure. In the 1960's the owner noted the many doors walled over, stairs inside closets and windows boarded up. This reminded her of the famous "Winchester Mystery House" in San Jose, California. When the Gibbs began their ambitious project in 1982, among other curiosities they too uncovered 11 windows and 13 doors, but no skeletons! Since the house was locally well known as the "Winchester House" they agreed that indeed they would keep the name.

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A True American Classic

Seaview, Washington

The Shelburne Inn was established as a retreat to the Washington coast for visitors from Portland, Oregon, and has operated continuously since 1896. Charles Beaver chose the name Shelburne for the home and boarding house he built, naming it after a grand hotel in Dublin, Ireland. In 1911, to better accommodate increasing numbers of summer visitors, a team of horses was used to pull The Shelburne across the street to join it to another building. A true American classic, The Shelburne Inn is the oldest continuously operating hotel in the State of Washington.

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A Family's Dream

Sisters, Oregon

From a grandmother’s humble beginnings, wisdom and grace, came the Willit’s family’s motivation to build FivePine Lodge - a place of serenity that allows guests to reconnect with themselves and the ones they love. Inspiration for the lodge came from the Forestry Building completed in 1905 as part of the Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland. FivePine was designed with a commitment to following the same scale as the original building, although, tragically 145 fire fighters rushing to the scene couldn’t save the building from total destruction on August 18th,1964. FivePine was then rebuilt “green” which began by surveying every tree on the property and designing buildings that fit the footprint of the treasured forest.

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Historic Artist Studio

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

In 1906, Sidney J. Yard, an artist known for painting watercolors in the English manner, built the first studio in Carmel on the site. The space was later used by another famous artist Miss DeNeale Morgan. In 1929 Dr. Rudolf Kocher, working with one of Carmel's premier contractors Hugh Comstock, constructed the present building. Known originally as the Hotel La Ribera, it was hailed in the local press when it opened as "one of the show places of the Monterey Peninsula." The name was later changed to the Cypress Inn.

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Historic Rockland District

Victoria, British Columbia

Widely known as Victoria’s favorite Heritage Bed & Breakfast Inn, Abbeymoore Manor is the perfect place to stay for anyone with an interest in history. The Inn is located in the famous Rockland district, an area full of beautiful Victorian-era homes, lush with natural splendor and rich with history. This well known neighbourhood is home to the Ross Bay Cemetary, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the gorgeous estate of the Government House as well as the legendary Craiddarroch Castle.

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Legendary Catalina Hotel

Catalina, California

The location of the Avalon Hotel originally belonged to a pre-World War I gentleman's club. Although little is known about the Pilgrim Club, its luxurious surroundings and aura of mystery have become a local legend. Destroyed in the Great Fire of 1915,  the building was reconstructed as a hotel a decade later. In 2003, Carl Lambert and Rock and Kathleen Gosselin purchased the property, looking beyond its ramshackle appearance to the location and spectacular views. Lovingly restored with hand-carved mahogany, etched slate, stained glass, hand-crafted tile and local artwork, the Avalon Hotel has become the pinnacle of Catalina hotels.

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Eugene Pioneer Mansion

Eugene, Oregon

The Campbell House was built in 1892 by gold miner and timber owner, John Cogswell for his daughter Idaho. It is one of the earliest and largest houses built in the East Skinner Butte Historic District. The house that John Campbell built in 1892 was owned by the Campbell family for over 100 years. In 1993 Myra and Roger Plant purchased the home, completely renovating it and opening it to the public as a bed & breakfast inn.

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Aged to Perfection

Eugene, Oregon

The Excelsior has graced Eugene since 1912, built originally as a sorority house for the University of Oregon. In 1972, it re-opened as the Excelsior Café. In 1993, Chef Maurizio Paparo purchased the property and transformed it into the comfortable, elegant inn we enjoy today. Throughout the inn and restaurant, custom stained glass by Ian Fuller, wrought iron work by Sculptor of Steel artist Dave Thompson and over 100 paintings by artists of the Oregon Watercolor Society are on display.

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Newsom Brothers Mansion

Eureka, California

Originally built in 1884 - 1885 in San Francisco as the Murphy House, the original structure of the Carter House was destroyed in the famous San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. In 1978, Mark Carter found the plans in a Eureka antique store and decided to build that house. He discovered it had been designed by the famous Newsom Brothers, San Francisco architects who had created the lavish Carson Mansion just up the street in Old Town, Eureka. Crafting the ornate moldings and trim-work by hand, the Carter’s small crew finished the re-creation in 1982.

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1849 Historic Hotel

Groveland, California

On the National Register of Historic Places, the Groveland Hotel, built in 1849, was known as "the best house on the hill" during the Gold Rush. Peggy and Grover Mosley painstakingly restored the adobe hotel and neighboring 1914 Queen Anne Victorian. Their dream was to recreate a true Old California hotel with today's amenities.

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