With its active volcanoes, its vibrant culture, and its diverse ecosystem, Hawaii stands alone. Rich in natural beauty and featuring an endless number of outdoor activities, Hawaii remains one of the world's most sought out destinations. The Hawaiian Islands are one of the most isolated archipelagos in the world and each island boasts its own flavor and feel. Whether it's trendy Maui, lush Kauai, or adventurous Hawaii Island, visitors make Hawaii a return destination year after year. Watch the red hot glow of active lava, ascend to the summit of a volcanic mountain, or hike to a secret beach and discover why Hawaii is like no other.

Key Information

Population: 1.392 Million

Average Climate: 75ยบ F

Capital: Honolulu

Largest City: Honolulu

Did you know: Undersea volcanoes that erupted thousands of years ago formed the Hawaiian Islands.

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The second largest of the Hawaiian island, Maui is the 17th largest island in the Uniqted States. Maui’s diverse landscapes include volcanoes, sprawling forests...