Be Entertained at the Catalina Casino

The Catalina Casino received its name all the way from Italy! In Italian, the word “casino” means a gathering place. There is no actual gambling at this facility. Instead, this enormous 12 story building is divided into a fabulous grand ballroom and movie theater. The venue is also extremely popular for events and weddings.

Perched along the harbor, the Casino is certainly Avalon’s most distinctive landmark, and is close to the wonderfully stylish Avalon Hotel. The Casino was built in 1929 and has since been that choice venue for great entertainers, Broadways productions, and first run motion pictures. Tours of the Casino are available daily.

Let them entertain you at:

The Avalon Hotel in Catalina , California

Avalon's premier boutique inn was constructed with meticulous detail and a distinctively Californian Craftsman style. Hand-crafted mahogany, etched slate, stained glass and hand-made tiles have been integrated into the classically designed building. Custom...