Find Out How the Winchester Inn Got Its Name

The Winchester Mystery House is located in San Jose and was once the personal residence of the Widow of a gun tycoon, Sarah Winchester. This Queen Anne Style Victoria Mansion was under construction for 38 years and is renowned not only for its size, but primarily for its utter lack of any master building plan. The house is also reported to be haunted and home to all of the ghosts of Winchester rifle victims.

The Winchester Inn actually received its moniker due to the "mystery" surrounding much of its structure. In the 60's the owner noted the many doors walled over, stairs inside closets & windows boarded up. This reminded people of the famous "Winchester Mystery House". When the Gibbs began their ambitious work on the Inn in 1982, among other curiosities they uncovered 11 windows & 13 doors, but no skeletons! And, since the house was already locally well known as the "Winchester House" they agreed to keep the name.

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