Vegan Potato Pancake Stack

From Portland's White House in Portland, Oregon

It's not hard to see why this Vegan Potato Pancake Stack recipe from Portland's White House is a guest favorite! Impressive looking, delicious tasting and easily adaptable, it's fun to make too!

Potato Pancake

  • Boil baby blend of Red, Yukon gold and purple potatoes until soft
  • Mash, add salt, cumin and pepper then form into a potato pancake
  • Cook in a sauté pan in olive oil until crispy brown on each side
  • On the potato pancake layer next

Caramelized Onions

  • In olive oil add a little salt and sauté the chopped or sliced onions until they caramelize.
  • Over the onions add sautéed mushrooms
  • In olive oil add a little truffle salt and pepper with a little red wine to sauté the mushrooms

On the side add Asparagus

  • Sprinkle rock salt and olive oil over the asparagus and bake at 350 on a cookie sheet for 20 minutes in the oven...
  • Garnish with a sautéed baby bell pepper, chopped green onion and tomatoes.

You could add other vegetables and/or tofu. Or another op add 2 poached eggs and do a mushroom sauce or hollandaise over it. 

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